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Let your shoppers add personalised video messages to gifts & turn happy customers into repeat gifters

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Honestly now,
is this the way you currently add gift notes?

Your customers shouldn't have to struggle to get their personality across in 200 characters or less
Times New Roman font printed on a tiny scrap of card doesn't create a memorable gifting experience
Don't do the bare minimum. Don't be boring. Don't make your gifting experience forgettable.

Don't let a boring gifting experience cost you business

In a crowded market you need to stand out from your competitors
Your unboxing experience is the only marketing channel with a 100% open rate. Make it memorable.
Gifting is an outreach chanel to someone who might not know your brand - make sure they convert & become a new customer

How GiftTagg can help

For shoppers
Makes their gift even more personal & emotive
Surprise & delight their gift recipient
- Their video is an unexpected joy in addition to receiving a gift
Be there in spirit
- Feels like they're with their friend in spirit, even if they can’t be with them in person.
For online stores
Increase customer satisfaction
& grow repeat orders
- Happier customers are more likely to be repeat customers
Increase brand awareness
- Add your logo to videos & increase your brand exposure, when users share their videos online
Become a gifting industry leader
- By creating memorable digital customer experiences

Upgrade your gifting experience & gain more customers

Bring presents to life by attaching personal video messages, to make them more emotive & memorable

Turn happy customers into repeat customers, who return again & again for your gifting experience

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Easily record a video message for a gift, during the checkout process

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'Our customers love making their wine gifts even more special'

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'GiftTagg helps us stand out from the crowd and we love seeing customers share videos on social media''

MD Taste Argentina
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