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"Surprise, delight & connection are remarkable"

We champion these values by adding personalised video messages to any gift

How we started

A lockdown problem

Spring 2020. The spark of an idea

The UK's 1st covid lockdown meant one of our co-founders couldn't go home for his mum's 60th birthday

His mum's friends & family all recorded short videos, telling her how much they loved & missed her.

We collated the videos together and sent a link to it on a notecard with bunch of flowers.

There were happy tears of joy when she watched...and the idea of sending gifts with personalised video messages was born

Winter 2020. Testing the concept

To test the 'gift+video message' concept we created a brand called 'Social Bottle' and set up a simple Shopify store
Shoppers could send a bottle of champagne, whisky or gin with a personalised video message attached
We sold several thousand pounds worth of stock, got great feedback - and requests from other business owners to use our video technology on their eCommerce sites

Summer 2021. MVP launch

It took 6 months to build our 'GiftTagg plugin' MVP, to ensure it was easy to add to 3rd party websites, stable & scalable

We launched in mid 2021 onto a number of eCommerce stores
The direct customer feedback we got was extremely valuable and the learnings helped us design Version 2 of our GiftTagg plugin to be even more customer intuitive

Spring 2022. Launch of GiftTagg V2

It took 9 months to build Version 2 and during that time we spoke to many businesses and created a waitlist of companies who wanted GiftTagg V2 when we launched.
We're now working on scaling GiftTagg into multiple eCommerce brands, in multiple markets.
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Our Mission

Starts with our Why.

Why do we exist? Why do we do what we do? What’s our purpose, our cause & what do we believe...
To surprise, delight & make people feel connected.

How. Our process

How we bring our purpose to life, to realise our why...
We make it easy to create surprise & delight & connection, by designing products that deliver layers of β€˜wow factor’ when someone receives them, which then reveals the thoughtfulness behind their gift.

What. The result

What do you do? The result of Why. Proof...
We help businesses, enhance their gifting experience with thoughtful or funny video messages, which let your friends & family know you are thinking of them.

Make your gifts memorable

Our Team

Meet the team at Growth

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John Carter

CEO & Co-Founder

Clark Howell

CTO & Co-Founder

Miranda Summers

Head of Marketing

James Hudson

Head of Talent

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